Party Fries!

What a great party idea!

If you are organizing a private happening or a school party, Surf’n’Fries is always the Star of the event.

No more cutlery and unnecessary paper dishes. No more littering. Surf’n’Fries provides an unique and compact packaging that allows everybody to hold the meal singlehanded, using the free hand to eat. The packaging also invites our patrons to responsible disposal – without papers flying around. Create a buzz at your event with Surf’n’Fries!

We show up at your event with our mobile unit and, after 30 minutes we are ready to serve your guests. We have an individual approach to your need in order to provide a tailored experience to your special event.


• Organizing an event for 40 – 200 guests? Want to impress? Surf’n’Fries is the right choice.

• We will cater your event with one of our mobile units.

• We will set up in 30 minutes and are ready to serve the best chip experience in the World!

• We can serve the whole Surf’n’Fries menu or tailored to your wishes. You can see our menu here

• Our products will be served in our multifunctional and award winning SNF Packaging

If you like the idea and you
would like SnF at your event, contact us!

We need just a few basic information:

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