No.1 brand when it comes to fries

Surf’n’Fries is originally a Croatian company that was started in 2009. The concept has proved to be successful and grew organically to the opening of +60 stores in over 22 countries worldwide. It’s a new generation of quick service franchise restaurants specializing in bringing a creative and innovative approach to the standard French fry.

3 Innovations

There are 3 innovations that make Surf’n’Fries an unique brand:


The first one is the shape and quality of our potatoes. We use a special curved and U shaped chip. With the optimised frying process this allows the fries to be perfectly fried, crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside. The shape also makes them perfect for scooping dips!


The 2nd innovation is the selection of our homemade dips. Together with the more traditional dips we provide a selection of 15 sauces – and you can choose 2 to personalise your dish.


The 3rd, and most recognisable innovation is the award winning multifunctional packaging that allows our patrons to hold singlehanded fries, side dish in form of chicken wings or else, 2 sauces and a drink. This signature packaging is very handy at private events where people need to mingle or when you eat on the go. The packaging is protected as intellectual property.

We are here to make our mark in offering the best fries in the world and become the No.1 brand when it comes to fries.

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